Terry Butcher
GeeWizz Ambassador

Gina has always been very proud of her long-standing friendship with the Robson family. A dear family friend for more than 30 years, she has raised more than £375,000 in support of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation since launching her global online auction in 2011.

Terry Butcher’s footballing career has been an exceptional one. During an extremely successful playing career, notably with Ipswich Town and Rangers, he also won 77 England caps, many of them as Captain. An experienced football manager, he has managed a number of clubs in England, Scotland and Australia.

Terry kindly agreed to become an ambassador of GeeWizz, having supported many of Gina’s fundraising initiatives over endless years.

William van Cutsem
GeeWizz Ambassador

I was delighted to accept Gina’s kind invitation to be an ambassador of GeeWizz. Her aspirations for the charity and for transparent fundraising in particular are to be applauded.

We live in a world where cancer still remains a devastating disease for too many. Any fundraising and research which goes towards tackling this terrible disease and improving people’s lives can only be a good thing. Likewise, I welcome GeeWizz’s efforts to support children and young adults with disabilities and those living with life-threatening diseases.

GeeWizz is actively making a difference to the lives of these young people and their families and carers, making life a little better.

I join Gina in thanking every individual and organisation who has generously supported GeeWizz Charity.