GeeWizz are Persimmon Homes' Charity of the Year 2022

GeeWizz are Persimmon Homes' Charity of the Year 2022

Housebuilding Company, Persimmon Homes, chooses GeeWizz as their nominated Charity Of The Year 2022.

GeeWizz are proud to announce that the popular housing developer, Persimmon Homes, has kindly chosen GeeWizz to be their Charity of the Year 2022.

Persimmon Homes are supporting GeeWizz throughout the year by introducing ‘dress-down Fridays’, bake sales, a charity walk, and displaying collection pots in their offices. Persimmon Homes have also kindly expressed their enthusiasm and willingness to give up their own time and help volunteer at GeeWizz’s upcoming fundraising events. Their generosity is greatly appreciated by all at GeeWizz Charity.

The funds raised by Persimmon Homes will go towards helping the local community across Suffolk changing local lives, close to home. Persimmon Homes’ incredibly kind fundraising will be donated at the end of this year, allowing GeeWizz to continue supporting children and young adults locally.

At the end of the year, GeeWizz will reveal how much money has been raised by Persimmon Homes across social media. Importantly, because of the commitment at GeeWizz to transparent giving, Persimmon Homes will know exactly how their donation is being spent, and who it will be benefitting.

If you would like to discuss how GeeWizz could be your Charity of the Year or to become a volunteer, please contact:

Aileen Belsberg
M: 07553257158
E: [email protected]